Midweek Lessons

Notes from 6/8/16
Title: Naaman
Scripture: 2 Kings 5:1-16
Q: Who is Naaman?
– a commander of the army of the King of Aram
Read verses 2-6, Why does Naaman take so much treasure to the king of Israel?
-Leprosy was a terrible disease and he would pay any cost to be rid of it.
Q: What was the king of Israel’s response?
-“Am I God? Can I kill and bring back to life?”
Q: What would you send to be healed?
Read verses 8-10 (Elisha’s response)
Q: What does Elisha tell him?
-Send him to me so he will know that there is a prophet in Israel.
Q: Why do you think Elisha sent a messenger out to Naaman?
-Perhaps to show the power of God is in obedience and not in a man.
Q: Where do we find God’s cure today to be healed?
-In the Word of God
Read verses 11-12, Why did Naaman not initially obey Elisha’s response?
-He wanted a public spectacle of healing.
-He wanted to be healed in the way he thought was best.
Q: What keeps us from obeying God’s word today?
-We think we know a  better way.
Q: Have you ever gone off mad at God over what he expects of you?
Read verses 13-16
Q: What kind of attitude did Naaman now have?
– Submissive, humble, repentant, obedient
Q: What should our attitude be toward God’s word today?
-Simple trusting, obedience!
Q: How did Naaman respond to being healed?
-He committed himself to serving no one but the God of Israel.
Conclusion: Like Naaman we can have preconceived ideas about what God should do. We need to shed those ideas and trust and obey God.
Our relationship with God begins with faith and obedience.
Notes from 6/1/16 
Title: Resolving Conflict
Opener: What is the dumbest thing you and another person ever argued about?
Q: What are some typical things people have conflict over?
 -Money, jobs, if you are married: home, kids, etc.
Q: What does unresolved conflict do?
 -creates resentments, causes disunity
Q: How does unresolved conflict come out? How does it show itself?
 -yelling, sarcasm, ignoring the person, silence
Q: Does the lack of an argument mean that a conflict doesn’t exist?
-No- It probably means there isn’t open communication.
Conflict is inevitable because everyone is unique and has different opinions, different, needs, different tastes, different likes and dislikes.
Scripture: James 4:1-3
Q: What keeps us from resolving conflict?
-Selfish desires, selfish motives, not living to please God
Ephesians 4:1-3
Q: What does God say needs to be our attitude to keep unity in a relationship or frienship?
-complete humility,
-bearing with one another, patience
Ephesians 4:17-5:2
Q: In verse 18, of what are these people ignorant?
-How to live a godly life
Q: Why are they ignorant?
– Given into their own desires (sin), and their hearts are hardened.
Q: Are we naturally good at resolving conflict?
Q: What do verses 22-24 say about how to become good at resolving conflict?
-Need to be taught, need to learn it, everyone can learn to be better
Q: Verse 25 says, “speak truthfully” How does that avoid conflict?
-exaggeration adds fuel to the fire
-eg “He always…..” “She never……”
Q: What does verse 26 mean, “In your anger do not sin?”
-Don’t let your emotions run away with you, making things worse.
Q: Why is it a good idea to resolve conflicts the same day?
-means you will be angry less time
-keeps Satan from being using your situation to hurt you
-frees you up to serve and love the next day
Q: What does verse 28 have to do with resolving conflict?
-don’t say anything in an argument that is mean and spiteful.
-discuss the point of disagreement; don’t bring in other issues.
Q: Read verse 32, How does God forgive you?
– Totally, forgets it ever happened, never bring it up again
Q: How should we forgive others?
-The same way!
Q: How would we do at resolving conflict if we imitated God?
Challenge: Read the Bible and find out what God says about how to have great relationships with others.
Notes from 5/4/16
Title: Real Followers Only
What is your favorite form of entertainment?
Who is your favorite entertainer?
What makes something/someone entertaining?
What is the one big drawback of entertainment? It doesn’t last!
Scripture: John 6:16-69
If you only read verses 16-24, what would you say about this crowd?
-They are committed and saved.
   -Yet look at their real hearts!
What are some of the reasons that people were following Jesus?
-to watch the miracles
-see Jesus do verbal battle with his opponents
-get food
-get healed
-hear him preach/be entertained by the spectacle of it all.
What are some of the same reasons people follow Christianity?
-tradition, friends, social activities, choirs, buildings, etc.
Jesus challenged the peoples’ commitment.(v 26)
The definition of a real follower is seen in verses 35 and 53.
What does verse 53 mean?
-engulf Jesus
-be consumed with Jesus
-describes someone who makes Jesus their very life
e.g. “He eats, drinks, and sleeps football.” means “he is totally consumed with the game of football.”
Real disciples have more than a passing interest in Jesus, they are consumed!
How did the crowds react to the challenge of Jesus?
-they got defensive(v28)
-they didn’t understand it(vs 41-44)
-they argued sharply about it.(v52)
-they turned their backs and stopped  following him. (v66)
How do these reactions reveal the condition of their hearts?
What is the significance in verse 67?
-Jesus gave even the twelve an opportunity to leave.
What does this tell you about who Jesus wants as followers?
-Wholehearted volunteers only- No force or coercion or because they “have to.”
What is the right reaction to the challenge of Jesus?
-Peter chooses to stay with Jesus. (vv67-68)
Conclusion: Challenge- Why are you a Christian?
Peter’s heart should be our heart! I may not totally understand everything, but I trust God.
If your heart is not right, or if it has drifted from this, don’t quit.
Just get it right and remember Jesus wants only real followers!

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