Beirut, Lebanon Catastrophic Explosion

  • By HOPE worldwide
  • 06 Aug, 2020
UPDATE 8.8.20
HOPEww Lebanon and the community are grateful for the outpouring of support. “HOPE worldwide is one of those organizations that has been providing assistance to the country since last October. In addition to providing and distributing food, HOPE worldwide’s Lebanon branch is working to renovate and rebuild homes that suffered damage from the explosion. This is as much as we can (do) as an NGO,” said Moufid Tohme, the president of HOPE worldwide’s Lebanese branch. – from USATODAY Read Full article Here


HOPE worldwide is actively working with HOPEww Lebanon and the Beirut church to provide immediate aid for food, water and other relief needs for brothers and sisters, their families and the greater Beirut community.  

On August 4, 2020, a catastrophic explosion occurred in Beirut, Lebanon. At least 100 people were killed, with hundreds still missing, and over 4,000 have been reported injured. News outlets and the Lebanese government are reporting that ammonium nitrate stored at the port exploded, causing the devastation.

The building where the Beirut International Church of Christ meets, which is located 5 kilometers away from the blast site, was damaged by the explosion. Among the many people who were impacted by the explosion, and as far as we know, one brother from the Beirut church was injured. Additionally, there are multiple families in the church whose homes have been damaged. Due to the current political turmoil in Lebanon and challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic, food and many supplies are scarce.

HOPE worldwide’s Global Disaster Response team is working with leaders in Beirut to assess short- and long-term needs in Beirut. Please continue to pray for the families affected by this tragic event in Lebanon.

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